Q & A With Internet Cruise Ship Photography Enthusiast Andreas Depping

Every once in a while I get the thrill of seeing a post on some of the internet cruise boards from Andreas Depping. He has been posting photos of some of the latest and most beautiful cruise ships ever built. I recently had a chance to ask some questions of Depping and and find out more about his web sites, photography, and love of photographing cruise ships.

Cruise Talk: How did you get started in photography?

Depping: I started photography at the age of 12 initiated by my elder brother. We focused on black and white photography because at that time it was cheaper and we had our own small darkroom equipment. It was always exciting to observe the developing of the picture in the chemical bath.

Cruise Talk: How did you start photographing cruise ships?

Depping: In 1994, I got a job in the northwest of Germany, near to Papenburg, where the Meyerwerft (shipyard) is located. The shipyard is most popular in the region and I was impressed with the technology and design of the ships. Sometimes when a new ship was presented, I took some shots on a Sunday afternoon walk with the family. One day, I had the chance to have a look into the Brilliance of the Seas and I loved it. More and more photos from cruise ships were made and so I decided to present them in the internet in my private gallery. At that time the chance to get interior photos was very low. In 2005 Norwegian Jewel was built and I took some nice shot under blue sky. NCL Germany wanted to use some pictures and asked for the price. I wanted no money but the permission to take interior photos. So they invited my wife and me to stay one day on the ship and I got seriously infected by the cruise ship photo virus.

Cruise Talk: What else do you photograph besides ships?

Depping: To be honest: people are much more interesting than ships! I love for example to take photos at wedding celebrations or family parties. It is always highly emotional and unique and I like the documentation of situations. When I am aboard, I put one emphasis on the people who work on the ship. Any technical highlight or stunning design is worth nothing without the crew.

Cruise Talk: Why type of equipment do you use?

Depping: My first very good SLR-camera was a Pentax. When I changed to digital photography, I started with Olympus. Since Olympus was very expensive in DSLR-cameras at that time and I got a good price on a Pentax, I switched to an ISTD. I never regret that step back to Pentax, and a K10 and K20 followed. Now, I am waiting for K7 because she has some very interesting features particularly for taking interior photos. Mostly, I have three Pentax lenses from wide angled to light telezoom with me and of course a flash. Sometimes a tripod accompanies me. The Pentax equipment gives fantastic results, but be aware the the whole set is very heavy. You really have to love photography to carry everything with you.

Cruise Talk: How did your get started with your cruise ship photo website?

Depping: After my private web photo gallery got more and more cruise ship photos, I built up a cruise ship photo gallery and named it “www.cruiseship-gallery.de”. Meanwhile, I got some positve feedback and questions from all over the world. Therefore, I decided to create a small platform for giving new information to interested people. More than 300 members are already registered.

Cruise Talk: What are your main goals with your website?

Depping: Particularly, if there is a brand new cruise ship, people book a cruise without knowing what it looks like. They are lucky to find any new “real” picture from “their” ship. I am happy to provide such photos. A new ship is unique and I try to to take photos of anything that might be interesting for a passenger. Sometimes you never find these photos in a tourist catalog. In the last years, I got some close contacts to cruise enthusiasts. I really like it when they write an email and tell how lucky they are in finding their cabin or specific details on the photos.

Another goal is that maybe one day I can combine my interest in photography with a cruise. My wife would be enjoying the pool and I would enjoy the work with the camera. So if anybody celebrates a wedding anniversary or a party with his family aboard a cruise ship and needs a photographer to preserve these moments in photos, don’t hesitate to ask me. In my vacation time everything is possible.

Cruise Talk: What would you like your readers to take home from it?

Depping: First of all, the readers should enjoy the photos. Also, If they have questions about a cruise ship, a photo in my gallery may have the answer. I know that some people were convinced to book a cruise based on my photos or upgraded their cabin category.

Cruise Talk: Do you take cruises for your own vacations?

Depping: NCL gave some appreciation to my photos and invited my wife and me to a mini cruise. In June this year we had our first real two days cruise from Southampton to Guernsey. In some years, when the last three of our six children don’t live at home with us, I am quite sure that we will have cruises. Up to now we can’t afford this.

Cruise Talk: What do you love most about Cruise Ships?

Depping: Cruise ships are movable luxury hotels on the ocean. This combination is fantastic. Just over night your are somewhere else.

Andreas Depping maintains several photo galleries on the web, and as mentioned above his cruiseship-gallery.de site is a dedicated cruise ship gallery. He has so many incredible pictures, and as he mentioned above, you may find just the picture you need to help you make you cabin selection decisions. Cruise Talk wishes to thank Mr. Depping for taking the time to provide us with this interview.

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