Princess Passengers Can Enjoy Spooky Shore Excursions During Halloween Season

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. (October 1, 2007) – Just in time for Halloween, Princess Cruises ships set a course for some of the world’s spookiest graveyards, haunted houses and legendary landmarks. The Tower of London, Singapore’s Hill Street Building, Whaley House in San Diego and the Chase Mausoleum in Barbados are among the half-dozen spine-tingling sites ashore awaiting Princess passengers this October.

“We know Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the U.S., and we thought it would be fun to remind passengers that among the wide variety of nearly 3,500 tours available on our cruises around the world, there are some haunted ones as well,” said Jan Swartz, senior vice president of customer service for Princess Cruises. “These are the perfect experiences to put our passengers in the mood for the spookiest day of the year.”

The scary sites can be experienced on tours from a number of Princess cruises:

The Tower of London — Sea Princess

From the two little princes haunting the famed Bloody Tower to the ghostly wives of Henry VIII, there are more spooks here per square foot than any other building in the whole of haunted Britain. Sea Princess has two sailings departing from London/Southampton on October 6 and 13.

Hill Street Building (Singapore) — Sapphire Princess

With a turbulent history of inquisitions and torture during the long-ago Japanese occupation, this building is well known for sightings of the ghosts of tortured souls. Today, the building houses beautiful works of Singaporean, Southeast Asian, and European fine arts in the ARTrium@MITA (Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts), but passengers on the Sapphire Princess “Southeast Asia and China” itineraries can still seek out ghost sightings during their port day in Singapore. Sailings depart October 1 and 17.

Belcourt Castle (Newport, RI) — Crown Princess and Grand Princess

Built in the late 1800s, this famously haunted castle features an oft-spotted ghostly monk, and passengers can pre-reserve a special ghost tour that unveils all its spooky secrets…including an opportunity to sit and experience the “Haunted Chair.” Newport is a regular port-of-call on Crown Princess and Grand Princess “Canada and New England” itineraries in October. Departures on October 6 and 13 on Crown Princess and October 8 and 18 on Grand Princess.

Whaley House (San Diego) — Dawn Princess

Often called “the most haunted house in America,” this 1857 home was partially built on a cemetery. Ghosts seen here are so life-like, they are often mistaken for real people, with sightings occurring regularly. Passengers on the Mexican Riviera itinerary aboard Dawn Princess can tour the house on their embarkation/disembarkation day (R/T sailings depart from San Diego on October 7, 14, 21 and 28).

Eden Brown Estate (St. Kitts/Nevis) — Sea Princess and Crown Princess

Haunted by a bride-to-be whose husband was killed in a duel the night before their wedding, visitors to this island estate may catch a glimpse of her ghost weeping and wailing. Both Sea Princess and Crown Princess make port calls here in late October. Departures on October 13 from London on Sea Princess and from San Juan, Puerto Rico on October 20 and 27 on Crown Princess.

Chase Mausoleum in Crist Church Graveyard (Barbados) — Sea Princess

Famous in ghostly lore, this mausoleum has a “moving” history dating from the 1800s: its coffins were said to move around the locked vault, sometimes lining up vertically along the walls. At one time, the governor of Barbados personally sealed the vault, but nine months later the coffins were all rearranged, though the seal remained untouched. On their port call in Barbados, Sea Princess passengers can explore the empty vault and get a taste of the ghostly history. Departures on October 13 from London and October 27 from Barbados.

Ghost Tours of Quebec (Quebec City) — Grand Princess

More than 300 years of murders, executions, mysterious ghost sightings, tragedies and hauntings are the focus of this tour, conducted by eerie lantern light. Quebec’s cobblestone streets and ancient buildings set the stage for a truly unique experience that explains one of Canada’s greatest marine disasters – which saw more loss of passengers than the Titanic. In addition, costumed guides relate stories of bizarre happenings that make up Canada’s past. Departures on October 8 from New York and October 18 from Quebec City.

Ghosts, Graves & Galleries (Dunedin, New Zealand)– Sun Princess

Passengers can experience the paranormal on a walking tour that visits Dunedin’s North Cemetery — the final resting place for such New Zealand pioneers as the Larnach of Larnach Castle and the Speights of brewery fame – and discover the supernatural secrets haunting the city streets. Guides relate tales of haunted Dunedin, including the mysterious Octagon fires, and the spine-tingling habits of the million souls thought to wander the city streets at night. Departure on September 23 from Seattle.

In addition to these transatlantic, Asia, Caribbean, Canada/New England, Australia/NZ and Mexico sailings, Princess ships will also sail to French Polynesia and the Mediterranean this October. All Princess Halloween voyages offer a variety of entertaining holiday activities on board for children and their families to enjoy, including a costume parade through the atrium, trick or treating around the ship, mask making and more.

Additional information on Princess’ fall sailings is available through a professional travel agent, by calling 1-800-PRINCESS, or by visiting the company’s website at .