Princess Captain’s Circle Introduces New Opportunity for Suite Passengers and Solo Travelers to Earn Benefits Faster

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. (December 12, 2008) — The Princess Captain’s Circle has introduced a new way to determine membership levels that will allow some passengers to more quickly reach the program’s higher Platinum and Elite membership levels. The loyalty program will now count “cruise credits” instead of number of sailings, and passengers who travel in full suites and those who pay a single supplement will receive double cruise credits for their sailings — making them eligible for greater benefits with fewer cruises.

The new cruise credits program is effective for all sailings on or after December 7, 2008. All passengers who complete a cruise will receive one cruise credit, and in the following cases, passengers will receive double credit or more:

  • Passengers who pay for and occupy a full suite (mini-suites excluded), will receive two cruise credits.
  • Passengers who pay the single occupancy fare and travel alone in their cabin will receive two cruise credits.
  • Passengers who pay the single supplement to occupy a full suite on their own will receive three cruise credits.

“Many of our Circle members have suggested that it would be nice to find a way to recognize passengers who travel in suites and those who pay a single supplement,” said Jan Swartz, Princess senior vice president. “We regularly look to our members for new ideas, and we think this new cruise credits program is a great way to give some extra benefits to those who do invest more in their cruises.”

Widely recognized as the leading loyalty program in the cruise industry, the Princess Captain’s Circle is unique in that it recognizes both cruise credits for number of sailings as well as total cruise days — whichever is most beneficial to the passenger. Only cruise credits are multiplied for suite and solo passengers, not cruise days.

The Princess’ Captain’s Circle is a unique three-tiered program with an ever-increasing roster of benefits especially for Princess’ returning passengers. All members enjoy various ongoing rewards, plus special onboard benefits based on their level. Passengers automatically become Gold members after their first Princess cruise, and subsequently rise to Platinum level after just five cruise credits or 50 cruise days. Platinum members enjoy a host of additional benefits, including complimentary onboard Internet packages, a special lounge at disembarkation, and an upgrade to Princess Platinum Vacation Protection when purchasing Princess’ standard travel protection plan. The highest level, Elite, for cruisers who have completed 15 cruise credits or 150 cruise days, features even more benefits, including a 10 percent discount in the onboard boutiques, complimentary dry cleaning and laundry, and special privileges such as priority tender embarkation.

For more information about the Princess Captain’s Circle, visit the Circle Center, and click on “Member Benefits.”

Additional information about Princess Cruises is available through a professional travel agent, by calling 1-800-PRINCESS, or by visiting the company’s website at