Norwegian Cruise Line Debuts Unconventional Marketing Initiatives

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) today announced a series of innovative marketing initiatives designed to capitalize on the company’s successful new brand identity and communicate the benefits of the cruise line’s signature Freestyle Cruising in a free-spirited, lighthearted tone. The initiatives are a continuation of the company’s successful brand launch last fall.

New for spring 2007 include two out-of-home Monster Vision interactive displays, a co-branding partnership with Anheuser-Busch that introduces new NCL-branded aluminum Bud Light bottles, and continued whimsical advertising on dry cleaning bags. NCL is the first cruise line to utilize Monster Vision and the first to utilize the co-branded Bud Light beer bottles.

“We chose to use eye-popping technology to reach out to consumers in unexpected places to make the biggest impact while delivering our brand positioning and equities,” said Scott Rogers, senior vice president of marketing and sales for NCL. “We look forward to introducing more people to NCL and Freestyle Cruising, a truly different way to cruise that shatters all the staid norms of traditional cruising.”

NCL goes interactive with Monster Vision
Consumers in New York and Los Angeles can interact with the NCL brand in a whole new way. NCL has enlisted Monster Vision, a system that uses visual-display technology and sound letting consumers physically interact with a display. A tracking system reads consumers’ body language as they interact with the image-either by moving their arms across the projection on the wall, or actually stepping into the ad on the floor-and creates real-time movement and interaction with the display. Baseball fans at Angel Stadium in Anaheim are invited to “smash” animated clocks, further illustrating that vacationers are “off the clock” when they’re cruising with NCL. In New York, theatergoers at the New World Stage Theatrical Complex in Midtown can select ensembles for virtual NCL guests, demonstrating that whether it’s a tuxedo or a tube top, guests are free to wear whatever they want on an NCL vacation.

Happy hour gets branded
NCL is the first cruise line to introduce co-branded Bud Light beer bottles with Anheuser-Busch. The new bottles will be available on board its ships this spring. NCL will serve Bud Light in stylish, non-breakable aluminum bottles featuring NCL’s popular brand graphic-a white fish swimming against a tide of blue fish, depicting NCL’s innovative spirit in the cruise industry as well as the type of guest that NCL is looking to attract, one who is a “non-conformist” and wants to enjoy their vacation on their terms without the rules and regimen.

The new 16 oz. bottles are made of spun aluminum and feature a lining twice as thick as traditional aluminum beer cans, which maintains the beer’s fresh taste and keeps it cooler for longer periods of time.

Back by popular demand: dry cleaning bags
After a successful run in fall 2006 as part of its new brand launch, NCL will again advertise on dry cleaning bags in New York, with an additional initiative launching simultaneously in Los Angeles. More than two million dry cleaning bags emblazoned with the tongue-in-cheek tagline “Our dress code: Wear something” will be distributed through local dry cleaners this spring, powerfully communicating a key feature of Freestyle Cruising—a relaxed dress code that truly allows vacationers to wear whatever they want on board.

NCL Corporation Ltd. is an innovative cruise company headquartered in Miami, Florida, with a fleet of 15 ships in service and under construction. The corporation oversees the operations of Norwegian Cruise Line, NCL America, and Orient Lines. The company recently took delivery of its newest ship, Norwegian Pearl, and is currently building Norwegian Gem for delivery in October of 2007. In addition, NCL plans to build up to three new third generation Freestyle Cruising ships for delivery between 2009 and 2011.

NCL is on target to have the youngest fleet in the industry by the end of 2007 with the introduction of Norwegian Gem, providing guests the opportunity to enjoy the flexibility of Freestyle Cruising on the newest, most contemporary ships at sea.