New Cruise Talk Central Website Design Coming

Well, its been close to a year with the current appearance of Cruise Talk Central. It’s time for a change once again. While initially happy with the appearance of Cruise Talk Central after the current redesign, we have become less and less satisfied with each passing day.

We have received some user feedback that the site was too “tubular”. That is, the site was too narrow and too long. Users had to scroll way too much to see the whole site. While the site had some nice appearance features, it really wasn’t as usable as we had hoped.

Hopefully, this new design will answer the critics and our own dissatisfaction. We should be launching the new Cruise Talk Central look in the next couple of days. When we do, it will likely cause the site to be down for a couple of hours. Visitors to the site will be greeted with a site maintenance message. When the site is fully operational again, the maintenance message will be gone and the new site will be visible.

We hope you enjoy these continuous improvements to Cruise Talk Central. As always, we welcome your feedback and welcome your contributions here at Cruise Talk Central.

See ya on the new website design!