MSC Orchestra: Spa and Beauty Treatments Combine Rexlaxation Health & Beauty

A sailing with MSC Cruises is a magical experience, a fantastic opportunity to immerse oneself in a world of wellbeing and total relaxation.

“Smart” vacations are high on the list of “must have” breaks; these are trips that combine relaxation, health and beauty. More and more programs are created to ensure that one- or two-week vacations re-establish equilibrium, health and physical fitness.

The biggest hotel chains throughout the world have dedicated valuable space to wellbeing centers that offer the best body treatments, promoting physical wellness. On board the MSC Cruises fleet, there are state-of-the-art spas, equipped to satisfy the needs of a discerning traveling public.

MSC Cruises offer specialized spa treatments centered around traditional Balinese massage. In this specific massage style. You will be pampered by the hands of masseuses from Bali, the last earthly paradise. In Bali, the culture of wellbeing is an ancient tradition; looking after oneself is part of a beauty ritual and a truly unique experience.

The body, covered in essential oils, becomes wrapped in sensations of infinite peace and tranquility caressed by ethereal music chimes, relaxing the mind and soul. Discovering the health secrets of the Far East delivers instantaneous benefits for beauty and relaxation.

Some treatments are supported with modern equipment, bringing tangible results in a few sessions. For example:

  • Anti-wrinkle treatments for the face
  • Slimming treatments, inch loss, drainage and toning
  • Anti-cellulite treatments, re-shaping
  • Treatments with thermal mud, taken to 45 degrees, so that the mud releases its principal active ingredients and benefits the body

For gala evenings, take advantage of every moment to enjoy a beauty treatment or to visit the onboard hairdressers for an elaborate hairstyle, a simple yet chic hair style or a progressive look. The latest fashion and a personalized makeup await.

On board, sports opportunities are plentiful, too: the gym is has the latest equipment for guests looking to body build or for a gentle toning program. For those used to having a personal trainer, dedicated gym instructors are on board to offer advice and help you make best use of the equipment or to take you through an aerobics, stretching or dance class.

Here is a short description of all the wellbeing services offered on board MSC Orchestra:


Our masseuses come from this lush island, an oasis of peace and tranquillity. They learn the ancient art of Balinese massage and go on to practice in local spas before being selected to work abroad, offering their professional services to the western world. To be massaged by a Balinese masseuse is a unique experience. With essential oils from Bali, the body is wrapped in infinite sensations, whilst the mind is caressed by sweet music, as it looses tension and stress.

Another unique and indescribable moment as two masseuses and four hands work in perfect harmony, rejuvenating your body with aromatherapy oils; a combination of traditional and international massage styles such as Shiatsu, Thai, Lomi-Lomi, Swedish and Balinese.

An ancient and healthy therapy, reflexology functions on the principle that all the organs of the body are connected to the nerve endings in our feet. When properly stimulated, these reflexes will replenish the natural flow of energy in our body.

This treatment uses heated lava stones to massage various part of the body. As the stones gradually lose their heat, the body is heated gently and energy is restored gradually – bringing a sensation of total relaxation and relieving any stress.

Shiatsu is a manual therapy that originates from Japan. It consists of applying pressure to precise zones in the body; this is then interlaced with soft massage movements.

This massage works on the lymphatic glands in the body, helping to expel excess fluids from the body. This is a universal method to cure cellulite or “orange peel” skin. It is a gentle and slow massage with a pleasurable effect that is anti stress and activates the nervous system bringing total relaxation.

The perfect massage for all sport fanatics. This energetic massage is a deep tissue massage that will decongest and relax the muscles, removing lactic acid that may build up during sporting activities.

This is an enjoyable and specific head massage that is carried through to the face and shoulders. It alleviates tension from the head, shoulders and face as it improves the circulation in the head. This type of massage is highly recommended to those suffering with headaches, neck and shoulder pains.

In the well-being center, medical professionals are on hand to advise and offer suggestions for the best programs to suit individual needs and to analyze specific problem areas such as cellulite, premature ageing of the skin or any other problem areas. These solutions can be undertaken during the cruise with the latest equipment and followed by a post-cruise well-being maintenance program, which combines healthy eating with exercise.

To penetrate the skin through targeted radio frequency, there is the modern and revolutionary Q Frequency. This instrument utilizes collagen to improve elasticity and tone the skin, bringing an immediate lifting and anti-ageing result to both face and breasts. The results are visible after one single session, to demonstrate the immediate difference, a single breast or half the face is treated so that it can be compared with the non-treated breast and portion of the face.

This instrument offers a unique treatment which harnesses biocompatible impulses on a medium frequency and guarantees a decisive reduction in cellulite and fatty tissue. Slimming and toning has never been so readily achieved. The combination of two therapeutic instruments working on specific areas can penetrate deeply. This is a non-invasive treatment and offers instant results — slimming, toning and revitalizing tissues of fatty areas. This is an authentic alternative to liposuction, safe and compatible. This patented system is well known for its excellent results.

This is the perfect way to achieve equilibrium in term of the body’s energy. A professional, multifunctional apparatus, it resolves body issues in order to achieve well-being.

  • THALASSOTHERAPY: This treatment that makes the most of what the sea has to offer. Water, salt, sand and algae come together in special tubs to regenerate skin cells.
  • SAUNA AND STEAM: This represents a very effective way to eliminate impurities increasing the elasticity of the skin and increasing the effects of creams applied to the body.
  • SAUNA AND INFRARED IR: The heat that is emitted by the infrared light combined with a sauna means steam can penetrate the pores, alleviating fatigue and stress. After this treatment, the skin is luminescent, clean, more elastic and healthy in color.
  • VICHY SHOWER: This is a total body shower with varying temperatures and pressure. Thanks to this innovative technique, it is possible to achieve lymphatic drainage and combine this with aromatherapy.
  • VIBRO-MASSAGE: The vibro-massage stimulates and improves circulation, bringing an immediate sensation of relaxation and renewed energy.
  • AROMATHERAPY: Aromatherapy benefits wellbeing, utilizing 100 percent pure essential oils extracted from plants and herbs. When the aroma of the essences is absorbed through the skin, it reaches the body’s circulatory systems and creates sensations of wellbeing and relaxation, energy and creativity.

A body treatment that combines steam to expel body toxins, plus the active influx of infrared to help reactivate the metabolic process. This is followed by the Vichy shower, as well as the benefits of the aromatherapy through essential oils, all accompanied by a gentle vibration for total relaxation.

An excellent way to prepare the skin for sunbathing, this treatment is for both face and body, utilizing traditional Balinese methods, the expert hands of our therapists and products from Indonesia. You will feel inebriated by the floral aromas, coffee and cocoa or the marine salts mixed with essential oils. The massage that has made Bali famous throughout the world will leave you feeling totally surrendered. On Bali, this treatment was reserved for royals and carried out on the eve of a wedding.

An excellent after-sun treatment face and body treatment, the products will ensure your skin stays “alive” and healthy and is soft and perfumed.

A complete treatment for face and body, the treatment utilizes traditional 4-hands Balinese massage. Uncompromising relaxation follows an aromatic and traditional body treatment and a face treatment specifically formulated for male skin.

Thalassotherapy is well known as an effective combination for relaxation and wellbeing, using natural elements such as sea water, algae, mud and mineral salts. The salt and minerals in sea water are rebalance and promote cleansing and revitalize. The sun (an adequate exposure, always protected with sun screens), will provoke beneficial reactions on metabolism and respiration. Algae will hydrate and replenish the skin with essential minerals, while marine mud is excellent for applications that promote slimming and improve cellulite. Our thalasso treatments are an exclusive mix of tradition and Balinese rituals and the best thalassotherapy practices.

Body thalasso hydrating and revitalizing: An aromatic peeling will transform with the science of flowers, coffee or tropical fruits, immersing you in the magic of the Orient. The Vichy shower will gently prepare your body for the algae and the infrared IR and steam. Your skin will absorb the nutritional elements, leaving it smooth, hydrated and, thanks to a short but delicious massage, toned and perfumed.

Body thalasso, excellent for slimming and anti-cellulite: A natural peeling treatment, exfoliating gently the areas that need it most. This is followed by a light application of mud. The simultaneous action of the infrared IR and steam will speed the adsorption of active substances. The Vichy shower will relax and prepare the body for a slimming massage. The Balinese ritual of the therapists will ensure you also enjoy a long, pleasant and efficient relaxing massage. During and after this treatment, a slight redness and numbness on the treated areas is a positive reaction and demonstrates that the treatment has worked.


  • Slimming treatments with massage: Due to the products, this treatment is ideal to reshape and encourage weigh loss as the tissues are drained of excess fluids and toxins. It stimulates lymphatic circulation.
  • Firming treatment and toning massage is carried out with a cocktail of concentrated natural products that will tone and reshape the body.
  • Body peeling with massage is carried out on wet skin, with rotating movements; this will exfoliate, removing dead skin and preparing the skin to receive regenerating creams.
  • Anti-cellulite treatments with massage to combat the ‘orange peel’ effect caused by cellulite, this treatment helps to undo the undesirable look of cellulite and the stubborn pockets of fat under the skin. This treatment is carried out with manual lymph drainage and anti-cellulite products.


  • SAUNA is a hot steam bath at 80 degrees and makes the most of heat to release impurities in the skin while relaxing. It will “melt” fat and cellulite, eliminate toxins and improve circulation.
  • TURKISH BATH uses hot steam that varies between 40-60 degrees. Balinese aromatic essential oils are added to the water that is heated to steam the room. A Turkish bath washes the skin of impurities, alternating with cold water jets that tone muscles and tissues.
  • HYDROMASSAGE: The benefits of hydromassage also come from heat and water, plus jets that are applied at great force to different body areas. This treatment mirrors the reactivation of blood circulation and the positive effects on cellulite and excessive water retention.
  • RASUL: This traditional Oriental steam bath is a ritual for health and beauty. It consists of applications of mud. The steam expedites the absorption of the beneficial contents of the mud. A tropical shower concludes this treatment, keeping stress at bay.

Cleansing facials remove the impurities of facial skin, encouraging elasticity. A luminous, nutritional, revitalizing treatment, it promotes anti-aging and offers a real “facelift” effect.

Body and face with natural product for a soft, velvet skin.

For a safe tan that is uniform, golden, intense and long lasting.


  • Manicure and pedicure: The traditional treatment for hands and feet are followed with a relaxing massage with specific creams and essential oils with exotic fragrances.
  • Nail extensions with the latest techniques and best products.
  • Artistic varnish provides fun colors and designs for both hands and feet.

The onboard hairdressing experts offer personalized styling services for those special days and evenings, using products that are market leaders in the world of hairdressing. Stylists will create elaborate hairstyles, classic cuts and use innovative color to highlight hair for a fashionable look.

Our make-up therapists are available to study your make-up needs, make suggestions and ensure a perfect end result, whatever the onboard occasion.

Tribal, ethnic, floral, zodiac signs and many more images are available for those wanting a temporary yet attractive body tattoo.

Elegant and brilliant crystals applied to exposed shoulders, backs or ankles or even a bellybutton will highlight your evening wear.

A brilliant diamond will not alter the veneer of your teeth but will bring a new shine to your smile.

For those wanting to eat properly and combine healthy eating with regular exercise, to improve physical stamina, promote wellbeing and health.

Our instructors and professional trainers, qualified in the science of fitness, are at the disposal of all guests who want to improve their daily physical fitness routine or start one. Aerobic step, stretching, Pilates and Tae-boo classes as well as Latin dancing, including salsa and meringue, are also available. Sporting clothing maybe purchased on board the MSC Cruises ships in the fitness center.

The products used in the wellbeing centers have been researched by universal laboratories and packaged by leading brands. These quality products are specifically useful for the treatments to provide the skin with the attention and care it deserves. The products contain vegetable extracts, essential oils and butter, as well as vitamins, proteins, algae, fruit acids and other well researched substances that have been identified as dermatologically safe and necessary for providing natural and active agents without any harmful additives.