MSC Cruises Returns To Caribbean

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, OCT. 10, 2006 “ The countdown is on for the much-anticipated arrival of MSC Lirica in Fort Lauderdale Nov. 15, signifying the launch of MSC Cruises 2006-07 Caribbean season and the chance to escape the daily winter routine and dive into a world where relaxation rules. Time is also running out for travelers to take advantage of fantastic savings on MSC Cruises 11-night cruises on board the stylish MSC Lirica and MSC Opera, which arrives in January. These elegant liners transport guests to discover beautiful places, from mainland destinations with exotic appeal, such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia and Honduras, to a constellation of islands that dot the horizon with their own vivid colors and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, such as Jamaica, Antigua, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

There are four dream itineraries featuring MSC Cruises ËœBeautiful. Passionate. Italian. experience from which to choose:


  • Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, Grenada, Barbados, St.Lucia, Tortola, Saman (Cayo Levantado): Depart Nov. 15, Dec. 7, Jan. 20, Feb. 11, March 5 and 27, and April 18 from Fort Lauderdale to San Juan, the first capital of the New World. This modern metropolis offers white pristine beaches and a colonial historic center waiting to be discovered. It is also a great starting point to explore the lush vegetation of the nearby rain forest El Yunque. From here the ship sails to Philipsburg, capital of the Dutch island of St Maarten, then onto St. Georges, capital of Grenada a horseshoe-shaped island with pastel-colored Creole houses. The ship then arrives in Bridgetown, vivid commercial capital of Barbados, with its British heritage still intact. Continue to Port Castries, capital of St Lucia, where excursion takes guests to admire the rain forests and the most majestic waterfall. Visit a typical banana plantation at Roadtown in Tortola or take a swim with the dolphins in a natural lagoon at Prospect Reef Resort. The ships final call is at Saman , to make the most of the sun at Cayo Levantado.
  • Jamaica, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras: Depart Nov. 26. Jan. 9 and 31, Feb. 22 February, March 16 and April 7 from Fort Lauderdale and cruise to Ocho Rios, Cartagena in Colombia, the most ancient city in the New Continent with its fortifications, squares, balconies and picturesque colonial streets. The ship then calls at San Blas, Cristobal, Puerto Limon and Roatan Island, one of the three Baia Islands situated off the coast of the Honduras. A mecca for pirates, it is perfect for divers looking to discover the rich colors below the water, as these islands are a natural continuation of the coral reef of Belize.


  • Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Antiga, Saman (Cayo Levantado): Depart Jan. 14, Feb. 5 and 27 and March 21 from Fort Lauderdale for Costa Maya in Mexico to dive into a spellbound world of beaches, ravines, lagoons and jungle. From here continue to Puerto Limon, in Costa Rica, kingdom of the blue butterflies and the red mackaw. Then continue to Cristobal, St. Marta in Colombia (birthplace of Simon Bolivar) and then onto Cura§ao, before arriving in Saman .
  • Puerto Rico, St.Maarten, Grenada, Barbados, St. Lucia, Tortola, Saman (Cayo Levantado): Depart Jan. 25, Feb. 16, March 10 and April 1 from Fort Lauderdale for San Juan, Puerto Rico, a modern and animated metropolis decorated with beaches plus a famous historical center. During the port call at Philipsburg (St Maarten), explore the island by horseback, ATV or Harley Davidson. Its then onto St. Georges, Bridgetown, Port Castries and Roadtown, before arriving in Saman .

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