MSC Cruises Introduces ‘Clean Air’ Smoking Policy On Board All Ships In Its Fleet

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (Sept. 28, 2007) – MSC Cruises has introduced a “Clean Air” smoking policy throughout its fleet, designed to allow both smokers and non-smokers to enjoy their cruise in mutual respect.

“We have eliminated smoking in all areas where non-smokers and smokers would have shared the same spaces,” General Manager Emilio La Scala said. “We assigned a few rooms where smokers are welcome, but the majority of indoor spaces are now non-smoking.”

On each MSC Cruises vessel, smoking is only allowed indoors in the Cigar Room, the Casino and in one dedicated lounge. Passengers can also smoke outside, on one side of the sun deck, but no smoking is allowed in staterooms or on stateroom balconies.

The remaining areas of the ships are, therefore, totally smoke-free, for the benefit of non-smokers.

The introduction of the “Clean Air” policy and its extensive smoke-free zones has received the general approval of passengers.

“Thanks to the ‘Clean Air Policy,’ MSC Cruises has managed to satisfy both smokers and non-smokers by having 90% smoke-free ships,” La Scala says.

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