MSC Cruises A Sponsor Of “Cowparade Capri 2008”

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (MAY 22, 2008) – Two splendid examples of fibreglass cows created by internationally famous artists and personalized with the MSC Cruises brand are part of “CowParade 2008,” an open air art event being held in Capri through July 11.

The two MSC Cruises “cows” are entitled MSC Yacht Club and MSC Crociere (“cruises” in Italian) and will be placed respectively in Via Camerelle and at the Belvedere of the Funicular cable wagons, bringing the creativity of these artists to Capri residents as well as visitors to the island.

The “CowParade” event began in 1998 from an idea of the Swiss sculptor Pascal Knapp, and, after its great success in more than 40 major cities all over the world – from the USA to Australia, from Japan to Europe – has landed in Capri for the 2008 edition.

The 30 cows were welcomed by the Mayors of Capri and Anacapri who, together with the local Tourism authority and the Hoteliers’ Federation on the Island of Capri, have made the event possible on the “blue island.”

At the end of the two-month exhibition, the two MSC Cruises sculptures – like the others in the exhibition – will be auctioned by Sotheby’s and the funds raised will be donated to the “Fondazione Cannavaro Ferrara” for projects to help children who live in difficult conditions throughout Italy.

Belen Rodriguez, the Argentinean model with a Neapolitan heart, was the MSC Cruises spokesperson for this event.

With this sponsorship, MSC Cruises continues to confirm its commitment to the cultural initiatives linked to the Neapolitan areas.

“It is our intent to strengthen the deep relationship that links us to this region,” said Domenico Pellegrino, Managing Director of MSC Cruises. “Our success began in Naples and it is from here that we want to continue to promote, in synergy with the local territory, the marvelous and unique resources that Naples has to offer. For the same reason, on Dec. 18, Naples will be the exceptional main stage for the inauguration of our new flagship MSC Fantasia, the largest ship ever commissioned by a European ship-owner.”