MSC Cruises’ Express Check-in Will Expedite Embarkation for its Guests

MSC Express – MSC Cruises’ online express check-in – is designed to make it virtually effortless for guests to meet new check-in requirements.

Each cruise guest will now be required to check-in online at least 72 hours (3 days) before sailing. This will enable the cruise line to comply with a government mandate to submit passenger manifests 72 hours prior to departure.

MSC Express Web Check-In is required before any tickets (paper or e-tickets) can be issued.

In order to utilize MSC Express, guests can visit the line’s consumer website ( or go directly to, complete a short form with their booking information and click to send. Guests who do not have Internet access may ask their agent for assistance in completing the form.

The completed printed form, cruise ticket and required identification information can then be presented at the check-in desk at the port.

“With MSC Express Web Check-in, guests will be able to ‘get on board’ faster than ever, saving them valuable time and letting them start their MSC Cruises experience as soon as possible,” says Richard E. Sasso, president and CEO of MSC Cruises, USA.

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