More Sea Days! More Family Board Game Time!

When I look back at our recent cruises with our kids, and even further back to the cruises I did as a kid, I have to say that my favorite cruises are the ones with the most Sea Days. The very best cruise was our San Diego/Hawaii round trip cruise because we had 4 and 1/2 days at sea before we arrived at the islands and then another 4 1/2 days at sea returning to the mainland. The many days at sea gave us a lot of time for one of our favorite family activities: Family Board Games.

When we go on a cruise, I will pack some of the games to take with us. I remove the games from the big boxes they come in and then pack them in zip lock baggies. That way I can fit quite a few different games into the inside pocket of a regular suitcase. On a ship there is always a nice place to play. On the Infinity, they had a two story game and card room. On the Mercury, we often played in the Michaels Club as it was conveniently located right down the hall from our room.

One of our favorite games is the tile placing game Carcassonne. In this game, players place tiles in order to form cities, roads, fields and cloisters. Another game we love to play is Apples to Apples. We were actually introduced to this game through the kids program on the Celebrity Mercury. In this game, players hold noun cards in their hand and then try to match their best noun to the adjective card that is turned up. Each player takes turns being the judge. The first player to a preset number wins the game. We also play a Lord of the Rings game where all players work together to defeat the game and “destroy the ring.” This game is fun for all of us because we have to work together and we either all win or all lose.

Last year we did two shorter cruises, an 11 day to Mexico, and a 7 day to Alaska. On those shorter cruises with few sea days we really didn’t have much time to play games together. There were just to many planned activities or attractions that we didn’t want to miss. I am hoping that our next cruise will be a long one with many sea days so that we can enjoy both the ship’s offerings and our own fun.