Lose Before You Cruise, Week 2

In my effort to œLose Before I Cruise I started the Nutrisystem diet on August 7th. I am tracking my progress to provide information to those of you who might be interested in taking off a few pounds before your next cruise or after your last one.
I finished my second week of NutriSystem and unfortunately I think the few cheats I had kept me from losing anymore weight.

My sons birthday was this weekend and we went out to dinner at Benihana. I had more food than I probably would have had if I followed the plan to the letter. I ordered California rolls, scallops, chicken and vegetables, but I also had a little bit of the extra fried rice and a few bites of ice cream. I had two glasses of wine on Friday and two on Saturday, and a sampled a few bites of homemade coconut ice cream as I was making it for the kids. Except for the dinner out, which was a substitute for the NutriSystem dinner, these little cheats were in addition to the recommended eating plan. The good news is that I didnt put any weight back on with the cheats, so I expect to lose a few pounds this week as I stick strictly to the diet.

My husband, who has considerably more weight to lose than I do, had great success in his second week. He lost another 5lbs, for a total of 13 lbs. If I can loose another 2 to 3 lbs this week, Ill feel like Im back on track.

Look for another update next Monday.