Leaving for Celebrity Mercury Cruise

Well the day has almost arrived, our next cruise starts Monday. This is repeat of the Celebrity Mercury that we did three years ago. Three years ago this was an anniversary trip for my husband and I. This year we are bringing the kids along with us.

We have great expectation for this cruise. We loved the size of the Mercury. We loved the friendly and fun passengers on this cruise 3 years ago. We loved the exceptional crew that we had three years ago.

A few extremely negative reviews have appeared on Cruise Critic regarding the Mercury. While these have been balanced with many positive reviews, it is a little disheartening to hear so many horrible things about a ship and cruise that we loved so much three years ago.

There have been three areas where reviewers have been extremely harsh . The first area of concern is the condition of the ship. Critics have reported that the upholstery is threadbare and dirty, the carpets are worn, and the mattresses are abysmal. Second, several people complained about the service. They said the Maitre’de was rude and the staff made no effort to accommodate special requests. The final area where people took issue with the Mercury was last spring’s “Bleach Cruise.” After and outbreak of Norovirus on a previous voyage, the crew continuously sanitized the ship during this voyage by spraying bleach on all hard surfaces and then letting it sit before wiping down. Passengers reported respiratory problems due to inhaling the sprayed bleach and fumes, skin reactions to touching the bleach and clothes being ruined due to brushing up against a bleach covered services. In addition to this annoying process, Celebrity had to cut back on things like welcome aboard champagne, bread baskets, salt and pepper on the tables, and lunch time dining room service. Though there were a few positive reports from this cruise, most of the reports were negative and in my opinion, deservedly so.

But am I worried about this cruise??? Well not at all!!! With the exception of the bleach cruise, I felt like the complaints came from grumpy people who just like to complain. And Celebrity specifically addressed the bleach concern by issuing a new procedure for sanitizing the ships that doesn’t involve spraying bleach.

The cruise leaves from San Diego on Monday and takes us along the Mexican Riviera. All the ports are beautiful resort towns with wonderful beaches and choice hotels. We are also hoping to enjoy a little bit of Mexican culture by taking in a Folklorico show and enjoying some Mexican food. The kids did research projects on the history and culture of Mexico as well as each individual port and their states. It should make for a more informed trip than the last time we took this cruise. On that trip we didn’t even get off the ship in three of the ports.

And finally one last concern. Tropical Storm Sergio is out in the Pacific and could impact our itinerary some what. It is weakening and heading out into the cooler waters of the Pacific, but it could possibly be close enough to Cabo San Lucas on our scheduled arrival day, that it may be too rough to tender into port.

Be sure to check back on this site in a few weeks for a full trip report and slide show from the cruise.