Important Information Regarding Fraud Alert From Crystal Cruises

LOS ANGELES, August 3, 2009 – It has come to the attention of Crystal Cruises that fraudulent checks are being issued to various individuals throughout the United States either randomly via mail or through other means including popular Internet websites featuring job postings, Mystery Shopper programs, Sweepstakes/Draw Winner and payment for items being sold. We do NOT believe that any of our customer personal information was used to generate these checks.

These checks look identical to, but are not, Crystal Cruises’ corporate checks. These are NOT legitimate checks and this is NOT a Crystal Cruises’ promotion. This is an illegal check scam.

The “check scam” is as follows:

1) The perpetrators advise the recipient to cash the alleged Crystal Cruises’ check. (Note: They even explain the check is from a “financial sponsor” to try and assure the recipient that it is legitimate).

2) They then ask the recipient to deposit or send the same amount of money to a third party via Western Union under the guise of a Secret Shopper program (Note: at this time we do not have definitive information as to where the money is being sent).

Again, this is NOT a Crystal Cruises’ promotion and we ask for your help in communicating this fraudulent check scam to others. If you have received one of these checks, do not cash or deposit it. These checks did not originate with Crystal Cruises.

Crystal Cruises has notified and is working with the appropriate authorities to investigate this matter. In order to provide the authorities with the additional information necessary to apprehend and prosecute the criminals behind this fraud, we ask that if you do receive a check, or have any information regarding this scam, please email us at or fax to 1-310-277-8150 or call 1-310-785-9300 and ask to speak to our Fraud Alert Department.

We appreciate your cooperation in this very serious matter.