I Love to Cruise

I am a Cruise Lover. But I’ve only been on 8 cruises, for some that is a lot and for some that is just a start.

My first cruises were with my family when I was a kid. My Dad was in sales and whenever he had a good sales year he would take the family on a cruise. The late 70’s and early 80’s were great times for Main Frame Terminal sales, so that is when we went on most of our cruises.

We had a great time as a family on these cruises. The memories of these trips are all so good. This was before they even came up with the idea of a kids program, and quite honestly there were so few kids, it really wasn’t nessisary. We’d hang out by the pool, or move the ponies for the “horse races”. Dinner was always my favorite part, getting dressed up and trying new foods. Most of these cruises were to the Carribean. Probably the best one for me was the Stattendam in 1980 for Christmas. Great group of people on the cruise. Service and crew were excellent.

More recently, DH and I took the Rotterdam to Alaska for our Honeymoon in 93. We had such a great time. Again the food and service were excellent. DH and I were in our twenties at the time, so we laughed about the fact that the only other people on the ship our age were the crew. They were all wonderful.

So for the next 10 years we were busy having kids and the other stuff you do when you first get married like buying a house and visiting your new family members.

Then for our 10 year anniversary we decided to take a cruise. Our first thought was to do HAL again, but we did look at other options, and Celebrity had a similar itenerary at a better price. So we decided to give it a try. We were hooked. The ship, Merc, was beautiful, the service and food excellent, and the Sailaways relaxing. As we sat on the deck for one of the Sail Away, DH said “its been 10 year since we’ve cruise, I’m not waiting another 10 years.”

So last year we took the Infinty to Hawaii and this time took the kids. Wow, what a dream vacation. The kids had a fantastic time and showed a lot of growth and maturity in the way they conducted themselves. DH and I had so much fun meeting other people and enjoying all the ship and Hawaii had to offer.

We are booked on the Merc for next Thanksgiving, and also planning an Alaska cruise for summer of 2007.

Our hobbies are enjoying wine, scrap booking, video editing, photography, board games, Dancing -( me, and the kids, not DH), Singing & Karaoke (well me and the kids, not DH) Cheerleading and Football, gourmet cooking (this one we leave to DH, you wouldn’t like my cooking much) weight training, and travel.

Bon Vivant – 1976 World Renaissance – 1978 Boheme – 1979 Stattendam – 1980 Fairsea – 1981 Rotterdam – 1993 Mercury – 2003 Infinity – 2005 Next Cruise – Mercury Nov 20th, 2006