Costa World Renaissance Cruise – Caribbean 1978

In 1978 we took the World Renaissance cruise ship from San Juan to the Southern Caribbean. Our ports included Granada, Venezuela and Curacao. It was a wonderful trip. There were even a few other families on board. We enjoyed the unique Southern Caribbean itenerary, with stops in Venezuela and a few other ports usually not visited in a typical 7 day itenerary.

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  • Costa World Renaissance Cruise – Curacao
  • Enjoying our tour of CaracasCosta World Renaissance Cruise – Caracas

    Check out our pictures from our stop in Caracas, Venezuela during our Caribbean cruise on board the Costa World Renaissance in 1978.

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    Our tour included a stop at a beach resort in GranadaCosta World Renaissance Cruise – Grenada

    The Spice Island, Granada!!!

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    local dancersCosta World Renaissance Cruise – Martinique

    Take a visit with us to Martinique during our Caribbean cruise on board the World Renaissance in 1978.

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    Out side the gift shop on the Love BoatCosta World Renaissance Cruise – Pacific Princess

    The Love Boat, The Pacific Princess was the most famous cruise ship in 1978. We were lucky enough to take a tour when it was docked next to our ship on this cruise.

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    Pool featured this fantastic slide!!!Costa World Renaissance Cruise – On Board The Ship

    A nostalgic look back at life on board the World Renaissance including dining, entertainment, and activities during our Caribbean cruise in 1978.

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