Celebrity Solstice Rome to Ft. Lauderdale Cruise, Nov-Dec 2009

We hope you enjoy our photos from our Celebrity Solstice TransAtlantic Cruise. This fabulous cruise included a pre-cruise stay in Rome, and then a 13 day Cruise to Ft. Lauderdale on a beautiful ship with fantastic service, food, entertainment and more.

Alter piece in Santa Maria del  Popolo3 1/2 Day Pre-Cruise Stay in Rome

What You Can See with Only 3 1/2 Days In Rome

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IMG_0614All Aboard the Celebrity Solstice: Day One Trans Atlantic Cruise

Day One of our Celebrity Solstice Cruise

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IMG_0646Celebrity Solstice Day Two: La Spezia, Italy

Day two of our Trans-Atlantic Cruise on the Celebrity Solstice.

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IMG_0669Celebrity Solstice Cruise, Day Three: Villefranche

Day Three of Our Cruise, Villefrance and Formal Night

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IMG_0752Celebrity Solstice Day 4, Barcelona

Celebrity Solstic Day 4, Barcelona

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IMG_0815Celebrity Solstice Cruise Day 5: Cartagena

Solstice Cruise Day 5, Cartagena

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IMG_0859Celebrity Solstice, Day 6 Sea Day

Celebrity Solstice Trans-Atlantic Cruise Day 6

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IMG_0907Celebrity Solstice Trans-Atlantic, Day 7, Madeira

Celebrity Solstice Trans-Atlantic Cruise Day 7, Madeira, Portugal

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IMG_0926Celebrity Solstice Trans-Atlantic Cruise, Day 8 Sea Day

Celebrity Solstice Trans-Atlantic Cruise Day 8 Sea Day

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IMG_0975Celebrity Solstice Trans-Atlantic Cruise, Day 9 Sea Day

Celebrity Solstice Cabin Tour and Captains Club Part, Trans Atlantic Cruise Day 9

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IMG_1001Celebrity Solstice Trans Atlantic Cruise Day 10

Celebrity Solstice Trans-Atlantic Cruise Day 10, Sea Day with Hot Glass Show and Wine Events

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IMG_1031Celebrity Solstice Trans-Atlantic Cruise Day 11, Sea Day

Celebrity Solstic Trans-Atlantic Cruise, Day 11, Sea Day

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IMG_1064Celebrity Solstice Trans-Atlantic Cruise Day 12

Celebrity Solstice Trans-Atlantic Cruise Day 12, Sea Day

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IMG_1150Celebrity Solstice Trans-Atlantic Cruise, Day 13 Final Sea Day

Celebrity Solstice Trans-Atlantic Cruise, Day 13, final full day

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