Follow-up Regarding New Alcohol Policy

I received a follow-up letter to my 2nd letter regarding the “New Celebrity Alcohol Policy” from Celebrity’s Executive representative.

From his response, it looks like they are at least for now, holding firm to the new policies. Here is the response:

Dear Ms. Klasen:

Thank you for your follow-up e-mail concerning our previous response.

The Executive Officers have reviewed our alcohol policy and agreed to the revised policy. There were many abuses to the original policy that concerned our shipboard staff. Among them; breakage, opening wine bottles in areas other then the dining room and disputes on corkage fees.

As advised by Mr. Hanrahan, our revised policy is in place and changes are not forseen in the near term. Additionally, he is aware of your position on our policy.

Once again, Ms. Klasen, thank you for opinion on this subject. We look forward to the opportunity of welcoming you back onboard one of our ships in the near future.


Bill Weeks

Executive Representative

So, looks like Celebrity is going to stick to their guns on the alcohol policy. TBD as to what I will do this November when we cruise on the Celebrity Mercury.