Equinox in Barbados

Today’s port of call was Barbados, known for its beautiful, beaches, crystal blue waters, and friendly people. I wish I could tell your about a wonderful beach excursion or fabulous island tour, however, again we didn’t venture past the gift shops at the harbor, ……but from the ship we could see that this was really a beautiful place. Many of our fellow cruisers either took sailing tours or went to a local beach club called the Boatyard. However, again the focus of our cruise has been relaxation and rest.

It may be the humidity that we are not used to or just the feeling of being on vacation, but after our lunch back on board the ship we were ready to rest up a bit. We had already decided to take a break from the night life and have dinner in our room and enjoy a movie in the cabin.

I called and requested a main dining room mention and a few minutes later our cabin steward arrived with a copy of the evening’s offerings. Around 7:00 we had dinner delivered to the cabin while we were watching the movie ”Up in the Air” with George Clooney. I was worried that the food delivered to the cabin might come a little cold, but everything was the correct temperature. I had the French Onion Soup wile my husband enjoyed a cream of baked potato soup, Caesar salad and Veal Cordon Bleu – very delicious. I also had the mixed green salad and a filet mignon that was cooked to perfection. We both passed on dessert tonight. I had gone earlier to the wine bar and selected a bottle of wine to be delivered to our room. One of the sommeliers delivered it and opened it for us. We had never had main dining room dinner delivered to our state room from the main dining room menu and it really was a delightful way to have a quiet evening.