Dominica and Singing Star

The 4th port of our Equinox cruise was Doninica. This is a very lush tropical island with waterfall and rain forests. If you really want to appreciate islands like this for everything they have to offer the best way is to take a guided tour. Many of our shipmates chose to either do this independently or through the cruise line. Since again our vacation was to simply relax and not really for planned sightseeing, but simply stepped off the ship to the shops and markets located right by the pier. The main items for sale here are T-shirts, sarongs, a few linens, and some native art work done the indigenous Caribs, the only remaining native Caribbean culture. Some the tours even take guest to the Carib village where they can experience this unique culture first hand. Since we only wanted to spend a little time of the island, the shopping area was as far as we made it.

Back on the ship we enjoyed a light lunch. Napping seems to be a popular activity among cruise goers. Some people choose to nap while soaking up the sun in a deck chair, others find a shady spot also on the deck. My husband likes to sit in an upright law chair and stare at the mountain scenery while going in and out of his nap. I prefer to be in my room, away from the heat and the sun. But whatever way you choose to get that extra bit of rest is perfectly fine. There are no rules for or against napping and no right or wrong way to do it.

As the sail away time approached, we went to the Sunset Bar to grab a good seat for the sail away. I could only stay for a few moments before I had to run off to rehearsal for thing singing star competition. It was a very nice and memorable sail away even if I could only stay a few minutes. Some of the German passengers had requested a special buffet and this was set up on one of the back decks. The event was open to all, but many of the German speaking officers came buy to greet and mingle with the German passengers. We had beautiful sunset views and as both our ship and the P&O Ventura sailed away, a cargo ship, the reminded me of the sand cruisers driven by the the Jawas in the original Star Wars sailed into port.

Prior to dinner was the Celebrity Singing Star competition. That is Celebrity’s version of American Idol. Basically, they watch the karaoke and other singing events and grab the best singers for a one song sing off with judges. I had been selected based on her karaoke performances. There was going to be 5 singers competing tonight. First place was dinner for two at the specialty restaurant of their choice. I was really hoping to win something nice for my husband, but knew it would be tough with so many great singers on this voyage. My husband and friends said I did very well but thought that maybe if I cold have sung a sentimental ballad like the lady who one, I might have done better. She sang a lovely version of “Wind Beneath My Wings” and I sang “Don’t Rain on My Parade” from Funny Girl/Glee. I didn’t have a lot of songs from which to choose that suited me vocally because they only were able to play songs from their system. Quite honestly, Broadway showstoppers are more my thing than ballads. I had been working on this one since seeing it performed on Glee and the arrangement was identical to the one on my disc. Three of us all got standing ovations from the packed Equinox Theater crowd, but I was certain that the lovely lady from England was going to win because she sang the song so well. She was very gracious and a lovely choice by the judges. The Celebrity staff were very professional and gave us all delux shopping/beach bags for participating. These were especially nice because they had a zip pocket inside and a zipper closure on the outside as well.

After the singing competition, it was off to dinner. This was one of those nights where multiple entrees stood out for my husband, So, he skipped all the other courses and ordered Spaghetti Carbonarra and a Veal Chop. Spaghetti carbonarra is one of his favorites during his business trips to Rome, so it was hard for him to pass up. The other choice was a veal chop, another dish he finds too hard to pass up when its offered. I had a crab appetizer, cream of mushroom soup and the prime rib for dinner.

After dinner, we had planned to go up to the pool for a Miami themed party and then follow that up with another late night comedian. However, we were actually feeling quite tired(and full) so we headed back to our cabin. We watched a little TV and were in bed by 11:00 pm.