Cruise to Hawaii Best Way To See Hawaii?

Is a cruise to Hawaii the best way to see Hawaii? Probably not, you just have a very limited time on the Islands….

Here’s an article listing the Pro’s and Cons:

Cruising Hawaii

But here’s another way to ask the question? Is Hawaii a great destination for cruise lovers? Absolutely Yes!!!!. In 2005 we took one of the 15 day cruises round trip from San Diego to Hawaii. We had 4 1/2 days at sea, 5 days on the Islands, and then 4 1/2 more days at sea. If days at sea are not your thing, then this would not be a great cruise for you, but if you love days at sea, taking part in the on board activities during those days, and relaxing pace of such an itenerary, this is absolutely a great cruise.

Here’s how we ended up selecting this cruise. First we knew that we wanted take a cruise. Second we choose Celebrity Cruise Line, our favorite. Then we choose the Thanksgiving Holiday break. We took a look at what Celebrity had to offer during that time, out of the closest port, San Diego. When we saw the 15 day trip with all those sea days and a destination to which we had never been, we knew we had a winner. So if destination is your last factor to consider, then the Hawaii cruise is perfect.

While we certainly didn’t get to see everything we wanted to see in Hawaii we certainly got to see enough to enjoy the destination. In Kauai we visited a fogged in Wiamea Canyon and beautiful Puipu Beach. In Honolulu, visited the Pearl Harbor Memorial and hiked Diamond Head. We also got to see a fantastic Hula show from a local group that has appeared on the Discovery Channel and Travel Channel. They came aboard the ship and performed in the theater. Our ship had two stops on the big Island which allowed us to see both Volcanoes National Park and Keleakua Bay. Our final stop was Lahaina on the the island of Maui where I got to see the incredible banyon tree and pick up some much needed souvenirs. One of the best parts about this destination was the ease with which we were able to rent cars and drive ourselves. We really enjoyed this alternative to organized tours. Also, our american cell phones worked with no roaming charges while we were on the island and even just off shore.

The best part was that after we left Hawaii, we still nearly 5 more days of the cruise to enjoy. Plenty of time to enjoy the fantastic food, service and entertainment offered on board the ship. When we got back to San Diego we were rested, refreshed and ready to get back to our daily grind.

So if you are looking to see as much of Hawaii as possible, perhaps 2 weeks at hotels with a few days each on several of the islands would be the way to go. However, if you love cruising and the atmosphere on board a cruise ship regardless of where you are headed, then Hawaii makes a fantastic destination for your cruise.