Cruise Line Alcohol Policies Page Updated

Two of the most asked questions by cruisers is “Can I bring my own alcohol on board?” and “Which cruise lines allow me to bring my own wine or liquor aboard?” We’ve put all this information together for our readers on our Cruise Line Alcohol Policies page.

It has been a while since we made a complete update to this page because no major changes to policies had been implemented by the most popular cruise lines. However,today, we have updated the page to reflect a few minor changes like Disney no longer permitting coolers and the folding of Windjammer.

Alcohol revenues are one of the major profit centers for most cruise lines, so consequently most lines try to restrict the amount brought on board in order to insure sales of alcohol by the cruise line. Cruise lines also cite passenger safety and behavior as a reason to control alcohol brought on board by passengers.

We invite your comments and input on this page. We have reviewed the policies on from several different sources including cruise line web sites and passenger feed back, but we also welcome additional information from our readers.