Cruise IQ Fun for All Ages

Cruise IQ is great family fun for cruisers of all ages.

Our family loves to cruise and we love to play board games. In-between cruises all I can think about is what to do on the next one. The Cruise IQ board lets me play and dream of my next cruise all at the same time.

In the game you have a choice of using the World Cruise side of the board which includes Europe and Asia, or the Americas side of the board which includes also Australia and Oceania. We usually play the Americas side because all our our cruises have been in those areas, Caribbean, Alaska, Mexico, and Hawaii. However, we still have fun plyaing the other side and anticipate a European cruise some day.

The object of the game is to circumnavigate the board and land on question destinations that match your chosen color. When you answer the question right on that spot, you get to keep your question card. Be the first player or team to collect the predetermined amount of question cards and you win. .

The best part about playing with kids it that it both a game and a geography lesson at the same time. It also helps the kids to learn about their next trip and think about things theyd like to do in each port.

We played last night with my two teams of mixed ages and cruise experience. We had two adults that had only been on one cruise each. Two adults that had been on between 3 and 5 cruises each, and 5 kids between ages 7 and 12, only two of which had ever cruised. I had to be the MC because everyone thought I would just know to much and it would be more competitive with-out me tilting one side or the other. I think I had just as much fun being the MC as I would have had playing.

The only drawback of the game is that because of the way the game is set up, you very often get the same questions again and again, and eventually, you might just know every answer from having played so much. Hopefully, the makers will come out with additional question cards to purchase as an add-on to the game.

So if you love to cruise and play trivia game I would highly recommend this game.