Cruise Discussion Boards

How many of you are members/visitors to one of the many on-line cruise discussion forums?

I frequently participate on the Cruise Critic Boards and Cruise Line Forums Boards. Each board has its own personality, with Cruise Critic being more high strung and nit picky, and Cruise Line Forums being a bit more fun loving and light hearted.

On these two boards, I have formed a few great cyber friendships – one of my favorites being my friendship with a guy who calls himself “Blazerboy.” That nickname comes from his days traveling with his Mom on the Atlantic crossing when he was a child. I have had many a cyber conversation whith this fantastic gentleman over the last two years since I got really involved in the cruise messaging boards. He gave me permission to publish his brilliant Cruise Board Truisms here on my Cruise Blog. So without further adieu, here’s Andrew “Blazer Boy’s” words of wisdom:

  1. The cruise line you sail on the most is the best!
  2. The cruise line that charges more is stuffy.
  3. The cruise line that charges less is tacky/floating garbage scow.
  4. People who love the cruise line you don’t are cheerleaders, and their opinions should be discounted.
  5. People who hate the cruise line you love are trolls/bashers, and their opinions should be discounted.
  6. People with one or two posts are automatically part of #5.
  7. People with a lot of posts and experience are either blowhards or “rich beyond belief, so can cruise anytime they want” if you dissagree with their point of view. Discount their views- they’re spoiled! Or they’re travel agents, and trolling for customers, and it’s your job to be a detective.
  8. Compensation you get is deserved. As is that for your friends.
  9. Compensation for others, especially those in #4 or #5 is just plain greed.
  10. People with an average amount of posts, and good detailed information that’s on topic, but favor a line you hate are automatically cruise line employees. Try to get their names for your next comment card!

Happy Cruising!!!!

(p.s. – we have started some forums here too and they include a special roost for the Night Owls…)