Costa Exhibits Its Celebrated Style Among New Perspectives In Contemporary Design At Milan Design Week 2009

MIAMI, April 24: Costa, Europe’s Number One Cruise Line, is exhibiting its celebrated style and contemporary design elements at the renowned “Milan Design Week 2009,” from April 22-27, 2009. Various features of Costa’s interior design, created by Joseph Farcus, are displayed at the “Temporary Museum of New Design – Italians: New Perspectives,” which is hosted by Superstudio 13. Costa’s exhibition is entitled “Experience the Costa World.” Extending over an area of 400 square meters, the Costa space – created for Costa Cruises by the Milanese architecture firm Casagrande & Recalcati is an installation devised to provide a taste of the style and ambience conveyed on a “Costa ship,” with a blend of creativity, design and art, using the metaphor of a dream. This is the basic concept of both the “Costa style” and of the interior design of its ships, designed by Joseph Farcus.

The conceptual idea of “Experience the Costa World” explores the theme of “elsewhere” and “travel” as an opportunity for discovery and surprise just as Costa does on its ships. Each work of art and design assumes a novel form, offering a new out-of-the-ordinary perspective aimed at making the vacation an extraordinary, fun, dreamlike experience. The installation includes different areas, each with its own atmosphere created by paintings, sculpture and “Italian made” elements of design and furnishings from Costa’s cruise ships. Video, music, lighting and scent add to the dreamlike setting.

“Experience the Costa World” also features artworks representing the contributions by artists displayed onboard the Costa Luminosa and Costa Pacifica, the two new additions to the fleet, due to enter service in May and June respectively. In particular, Yoshin Ogata created “Mental Landscape” exclusively for the Costa space. The installation consists of over 2,500 CRYSTALLIZEDâ„¢ – Swarovski Elements, 200 La Murrina glass drops and marble dust in a shower of light that will form the artistic and architectural backdrop for the workshop and meeting area. The Costa space is further enhanced by “Lust,” a painting by Mario Donizetti, which is part of the series entitled “The Seven Deadly Sins,” considered a masterpiece of contemporary figurative art.

Among the furnishings and design, created by leading Italian experts and arranged on Costa’s ships in line with their mission as being roving ambassadors for Italian-made excellence, the Costa space features part of a mock-up made by Gerolamo Scorza S.p.A., reproducing an amusing sofa designed by Joseph Farcus for the disco on the Costa Concordia. Joseph Farcus, considered the greatest cruise ship architect and interior designer, has masterminded eight members of the Costa fleet since 2000, including the next two additions, the Costa Luminosa and Costa Pacifica, which will be christened together at an unprecedented event in Genoa on June 5.

At “Experience the Costa World,” visitors will also find some original design objects by Molteni, B&B and Moroso, all perfectly in keeping with the playful-poetic philosophy underlying the project. The idea of a magical timeless world is also conveyed by the paneling covered with fine Rubelli & Mambretti fabrics. Costa Cruises’ project at the Temporary Museum for New Design includes a full program of events scheduled every day of the exhibition in the Costa space lounge area. These include experiences of life on board as well as the presence of artists, designers and architects who work with the Italian cruise company.

The exclusive vernissage of “Experience the Costa World” on Wednesday, April 22, was attended by Joseph Farcus, Philippe Daverio, Mauro Pagani, Ettore Bocchia and Costa Cruises executives. On Thursday, April 23, a debate on the topic “The Ship as an Object” was held with speakers including Professor Alessandro Ubertazzi (Faculty of Design, Milan Polytechnic), Professor Tiziana Lorenzelli (Faculty of Design, Milan Polytechnic) and the photographer Matteo Piazza. The artists Mario Donizetti and Flavio Lucchini will speak at two separate sessions respectively on Friday, April 24. On Saturday, April 25, there will be a forum of artists who have contributed to the two most recent Costa ships, coordinated by Roberto Recalcati and Sandra Casagrande, curators of the art collection on the Costa Luminosa, and by Costa Pacifica art curator Nicola Salvatore. On Sunday, April 26, Michelin-Star Chef Ettore Bocchia, who supervises the à la carte Club Restaurants on board Costa’s ships, will offer visitors a taste of his liquid nitrogen ice cream. Each afternoon of the exhibition, the public will also have the chance to sample the renowned Samsara Spa with mini-treatments, relaxing massages and the Ayurvedic tea ceremony from the Samsara Spa Welcome Ritual.

Technogym, which has partnered with Costa on its onboard gyms for several years, will set up an area devoted to personal training, including demonstrations on Kinesis, the innovative fitness design system created by Antonio Citterio, with over 200 exercises to improve strength, flexibility and balance. Technogym network personal trainers will be on hand to explain the Kinesis method.

Artwork and design objects will be complemented by two PlayStation®3 consoles provided by Sony Computer Entertainment Italia, offering the ultimate in interactive entertainment thanks to the “Social Game” range with videogames such as the crazy general knowledge quiz Buzz!™, and the karaoke show SingStar®.

The communicative power of Costa Cruises’ ships – ambassadors of Italian excellence for more than 60 years now – has made a telling material contribution to the development of Italian design, in conjunction with leading enterprises in the relevant fields of expertise. In keeping with its mission to be a modern-day patron of the arts and design, Costa Cruises promotes various contemporary cultural and artistic forms of expression. This approach is consistent with Costa’s ongoing focus both on the central role of art and architecture as added value in the design of its ships and on the pursuit of new forms of equilibrium between art and design.

For the past 60 years Costa Cruises’ ships have sailed the world, offering the best in Italian style, hospitality and cuisine and providing dream vacations with the best in fun and relaxation. In 2007 over 1.1 million guests chose to cruise with Costa, a record for the European cruise industry. The company’s 12 fleet members, each with her own distinctive characteristics and unique style, all fly the Italian flag and sail each year to 250 destinations in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Baltic Sea, the Caribbean, South America, the United Arab Emirates, the Far East and the Indian Ocean. Two more new ships – the Costa Luminosa and Costa Pacifica – are due for delivery at the end of April and the end of May 2009, and will be christened together in Genoa, Italy on June 5 this year. Three additional ships are on order.