Celebrity Website Updates Their Wording and Placement of Dress Code Policy

I have to admit, I love the Celebrity dress codes. While other cruise lines have chosen to relax their dress codes, Celebrity has chosen to maintain a more elegant atmosphere. I like to dress up when I’m on a cruise and not feel like I’m over dressed. When I did my research project on dress codes, I was surprised to learn how casual some of the other lines have become. Quite a few lines have optional dress codes and optional formal nights.

One of the areas that has always been a source of debate in the online chat rooms is whether or not the dress code is required or suggested. Celebrity’s marketing literature was kind of wishy-washy in the wording leaving people who didn’t want to dress up with the idea that they are dressed perfectly fine if they choose to wear jeans and a Hawaiian shirt on formal nights.

I have long said that Celebrity should more prominently feature their dress codes in their marketing literature. “Put the dress code information up front and it will attract people who like to dress up.”

Well, it looks like some one at Celebrity finally decided to put an end to the confusion. They now prominently feature on their web page “Proper Dining Attire”.

Check it out and see if you think it makes more clear the dress code requirements.

Proper Dining Attire