Celebrity Reveals Some Details Of The Upcoming Solstice Ships

Celebrity has released a few more details about it’s upcoming new Celebrity Solstice ship.

First, the lay-out, size, and design, of the state rooms have been put together by a focus group of 5 women. The cruise line says that women are the chief cruise planners and the most discerning among passengers. The state rooms will reflect the attitudes and needs of these discerning women passengers.
The Celebrity Solstice website lists the following features for these newly designed state rooms:

  • Modified vestibule to improve sight lines to the sea.
  • Innovative and flexible storage throughout the room
  • Simple comfortable design
  • Softer Color Pallets
  • Efficient use of space

They currently have a website running with cgi renderings of the rooms and more information on the features of the Solstice including the “Blu” specialty restaurant, new Aqua Class rooms, and some of the design elements of the new Solstice.

What’s not up on the site is information on all the staterooms, kids program, amenities and entertainment venues.

To find the information on the room classes, I had to go the regular Celebrity site and go through steps as if I was booking a cruise. First, and most important to me, is the size and availability moderately priced rooms that will accommodate four people. There are several room classes: the inside, ocean view, and veranda categories that will accommodate 4. The Veranda rooms are the most spacious at 192 square feet. That is 20 more square feet larger than the room we had on the Infinity, and slightly smaller than the FOV room we had on the Mercury. The Concierge Class and Aqua Class rooms are the same size. The Ocean Views rooms are roughly the same size as the room we had on the Infinity at 172 square feet. The Inside rooms are slightly larger at 183 square feet. For those of you with a bigger budget, they are now offering 2 rooms suits called Family Ocean View with Veranda that have a whopping 525 square feet. I’m sure these rooms will go at a premium price, as opposed to the old FOV rooms on the smaller ships that were only slightly larger and slightly more expensive than the standard staterooms. Sky Suites will have 300 square feet. Other larger suites are available including the Celebrity Suites at 394 square feet, Royal Suites at 590 square feet, and the Penthouse Suite at over 1200 square feet.

I imagine that they will be adding the other information that I was looking for in bits and pieces. My preference is not really a bigger ship with an expensive balcony cabin. So far Celebrity hasn’t convinced me that the Solstice is for me, but they have many details yet to roll out.