Celebrity Dining Room Service Above and Beyond

We recently went on Celebrity and were truly delighted by the dining room service.

At dinner, the sevice was exactly what we have come to expect from a cruise ship – curteous, attentive and gracious. The waiter was very friendly and great with the kids. The food was always just the way we ordered it, not to mention fresh and delicious.

But here are some of the extra things the dining room staff did for us that we were not exepecting.

Breakfast Buns

At breakfast of of the assistant Maitre de’s Brought us “Sticky Buns” from the buffet area when the kids asked about them.

Burgers from the Grill

The same Maitre de also was fantastic about getting hamburgers and fries for the kids at lunch time. At dinner they always ordered off the menu, but at lunch if they didn’t see any thing that looked good to them, the staff was great about accomodating thier request for a burger and fries. The staff was just great about ordering them from the grill and getting them down to the main dining room on time.

Our Favorite Dessert

We mentioned to the chef and Head Maitre de that my husband and daughter love creme brule and make it together all the time. They maid extra crem brule for us and brought it the next three nights for dessert.

Wine Service

The wine service had been a little lacking on our previous cruise, so when I first arrived on boardI found our Assitant Mairtre de and mentioned to him that we would be ordering wine every night with dinner. I shared with hime my concern about timely winer service. Who knows if that made any difference, but our wine steward was fantastic. He was great help with the selection and always opened and served the wine promptly. The extra service he provided us with as a complementary three wine tasting on the second night. He poured three different whites for me and three different reds for my husband. This was very helpful to him in that he listened to our comments and learned a lot about what styles of wines we liked.

Jokes and Puzzles

After dinner the waiters in our area would stop buy and entertain our kids with oragami, jokes and puzzles. The funniest part was that some of the jokes my kids told did not really click with those who spoke English as a second language or spoke non-american English. However, some of the Indonesian jokes, which were more like cute children’s stories were a big it with my kids. They also loved the oragami toys and puppets made by a waiter who wasn’t even ours.

An elegant fine dining experience is my favorite part of a cruise, and these service extras just made the whole cruise more enjoyable.