Carnival Breaks World Record With World’s Largest Pinata

In the second phase of the launch of their new marketing campaign, “Fun for All, and All for Fun”, Carnival Cruise Line broke a world record with the world’s largest pinata in Philadelphia. The pinata was over three stories tall and was filled with about 2 tons of real candy. They actually broke the giant pinata as part of the promotion. It looks like these events are actually the precursors/location sets for new commercials. Cruise lovers will have to look for these new advertisements in the media soon.

This event was the second event in the new campaign. The first was another record breaker in Dallas with the world’s largest beach ball. The Carnival Website has pictures and video from the two events, including interviews with past passengers and future cruisers at the “Fun for All, and All for Fun” events. Senior Cruise Director, John Heald, serves as your host for these events, that really show the broad appeal of the Carnival Cruise line and the fun for all ambiance of a Carnival cruise.