Announcing The Cruise Talk Central Forum

Cruise Talk Central is happy to announce the launch of our Cruise Talk Central Forum.

In the past year or two, we have resisted adding a forum simply because its been done before and we don’t really want to “compete” with the big cruise forum sites. However, we have had many requests for a mechanism for folks to ask questions or seek help. Our blog style format with comments really doesn’t support that kind of discussion.

Thus, we have decided to launch a forum, albeit a small one. Initially, we have created four fora (proper plural for forum) for our readers to interact with. These initial fora are:

If you have a question or are able to answer another reader’s question, we hope you will join in the discussion in the Cruise Talk Central Forum.

It’s worth adding that both users and guests of Cruise Talk Central are allowed to post in the forum. However, forum posts by guests are moderated and will not show up immediately. This unfortunate step is required to keep a bunch of spam from showing up in the forum. Forum posts by registered members of Cruise Talk Central are not moderated and will show up immediately. As always, feel free to register at Cruise Talk Central.

I must also note that the forum is not complete yet. I still have some theme matching to do. However, we received two contact forms in the last couple days asking for a way to ask questions, so I wanted to get something up quickly. Hopefully, the question askers will come back and post in the forum. I will be completing the theme matching over the next few days.