American Queen to Return to River Cruising April 2012

The largest and perhaps grandest riverboat, ever built, the American Queen, will resume cruising under its new ownership, The Great American Steamboat Company, in April of 2012.

With a slick, well focused marketing campaign, a full array of themed cruises, and mostly inclusive package, the cruise line looks to capture a section of the market that has been under served since the previous owners ceased operations.

Focused Marketing

The new owners have put together a fantastic website,

complete with narrated slide shows and exciting information. Their campaign focuses on their target demographic, recently retired couples, history buffs, those wishing to rediscover America and those seeking a little bit of an adventure in a luxurious setting. The website includes a terrific “Virtual Journey”, which features a fictional passenger telling of her 50th anniversary cruise. In this multimedia presentation the women describes their voyage in a way that gets people of all ages enthused about their cruise. She describes the wonderful on board entertainment, new friends, and the different destinations the ship will visit.

Themed Cruises

With many different themed cruise the schedule is designed to attract cruisers with various interests and allow them to “follow their passion.” The 2012 schedule includes the following themes:

The Civil War
Spring Time on the River
Old Fashioned Holidays
Southern Culture
Music of the 60’s
The Great Steamboat Race against The Belle

More Inclusive than Mass Market Ocean Liners

all of their 3 to 11 night itineraries include the following amenities:

Shore excursions to fascinating river towns and cities.
One-night luxury hotel stay and transfers before or after your voyage included in price.
Complimentary bottled water and soft drinks.
Complimentary wines and beers with dinner.
An array of sumptuous dining options including regional cuisine by famed American chef Regina Charboneau.
Captain’s Champagne Welcome Reception and Gala Dinner.
All regular shore tours included in the price of your voyage.
Hot and cold canapes at cocktail hour every evening.

Prices for a 7 day voyage start at $1995 per person interior double occupancy, and verandas start at around $3195 per person double occupancy. Single interior cabins start at $2995.

It looks like the American Queen is on the right track bring river cruising back in America.