A Theme Cruise for Every Interest

Last night, I watched a recording of the independent film “Goth Cruise” on the Independent Film Channel. This film depicted one type of theme cruise, a smaller group of a few hundred among the general passengers of the cruise. This group enjoyed their own private events as well as the rest of the amenities that the ship had to offer. It gave the passengers in this group the opportunity hang out with people sharing their interests in music, fashion, and lifestyle while enjoying the luxury of a cruise vacation.

I have always done a traditional “non-themed” cruise, but the film got me interested what types of theme cruises might be out there for other groups wanting to share in a common cause or interest. There are primarily three different types of theme cruises which include “Whole Ship Charters”, “Cruise Line Sponsored Themes”, and “Small Private Group”. Charters are most commonly done for “Alternative Lifestyle” cruises including clothing optional, gay and lesbian, swingers, or gay and lesbian families. Another type of theme cruise is one sponsored by the cruise line. These cruises are designed to appeal to a broad group of passengers and provide them with themed entertainment through out the cruise. These cruises might include entertainment or enrichment lectures by NASA astronauts, Broadway stars, jazz headliners, Nickelodeon characters, top executive chefs, and even political commentators. The third type is the “Small Private Group” theme cruise. On these types of cruises, the group of passengers who have booked the “Theme Cruise” usually pay a bit more than standard cruise price, but attend activities and events especially for their private group. These types of private groups can cover nearly every hobby or interests that people might have including scrap booking, Elvis, antiquing, fashion, business and marketing, home theater, ballroom dancing, fitness, films, science fiction and special needs.

I was surprised to see the breadth of theme cruises that are offered for so many different groups and needs. There are dialysis cruises which offer dialysis treatment by a specially trained medical team. This cruise allows those people who are kidney dialysis the opportunity to travel abroad when they otherwise would not be able to travel for so far and so long. Another cruise meeting the special needs of special families is the “Buddy Cruise” that caters to families with Down Syndrome children. They not only provide an opportunity for these families to come together and share their joys and trials, but also offer lectures by experts and advocates for these special families. Similarly, there is a cruise offered for families with children with autism. There are cruises that raise money for breast cancer research. For those who might be interested in a religious themed cruise, the choices range from Kosher cruises to a St. Paul themed cruise that explores his writings and visits many of the sights that the evangelist visited during his ministry to the ancient Greeks. For Science fiction lovers several groups offer Star Trek and other sci-fi themed cruises.

I found the following sites that provide more information about the different themed cruises available to perspective vacationers:

Whether you are a sports lover or a scrap booker, a goth or a golfer, a poker player or politician, there seems to be a theme cruise out there for nearly every special interest. If you can’t find your interest listed on any of the sites listed above, you can always try “googling” your interest plus the word “cruise”. You may be able to find a cruise that offers “just what you’re looking for”.

Have you ever taken a themed cruise? Interested in a themed cruise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section or forum.