A Picture Perfect Day on Celebrity Solstice In Villefrance

Today was our second port day and with so many not so good things resulting from Yesterday’s bad weather it was refreshing to have the weather cooperating and giving us a picture perfect day in port. Villefrance is nestled in a deep water cove between Nice and Monaco. In some ways it reminded me of the Mexican port of Zihuatenejo, except instead of beautiful hotels lining the hill sides; it featured many stunning private homes. The town itself didn’t have a lot to offer other than a beautiful setting and quaint buildings , but it was worth the tender ride into town to browse the few little shops. There were plenty of interesting café’s as well, but since we had just eaten on the ship we just stuck to a nice walk and some souvenir shopping. Many other passengers chose to take the train to Nice or Monaco, or a ships tour to those locations and more. Our simple walk around town in this charming village was plenty of activity for us, so we hopped back on the tender to ship after just a short time in town.

Back on board the ship the kids have continued to enjoy the Fun Factory. Savannah had fun making glass bead necklaces with the counselors, and Sean enjoyed play at the lawn club with another teen.
Last night was the first of the ship’s formal night, and though we didn’t feel out of place in our tuxedos and long gowns, the majority of men wore suit while the majority of the women wore some type of sparkly top or jacket with black free flowing pants or skirts. Many people were very complementary to our kids for their getting dressed up.

Our pre-dinner hang out on this ship has been the Cellar Master’s bar where we enjoyed several “Wine Flights”. Last night we tasted 4 wines from California. We have found this to a very good way to try new wines. With dinner we ordered a Graves which we had tasted on the previous night.
Once again dinner was absolutely fabulous. The service is very fast and efficient and food is coming out at the proper temperature. They featured a unique appetizer last night, a buffalo style frog leg. It was pretty darn good, and guess what? It tasted just like chicken. I actually think I might have liked it better than a chicken wing because it did not have as much fat and skin like a chicken wing does. For our entree Steve and I both had Château Briand. Our complements to the kitchen because not only did it taste delicious, but his was perfect rare and mine a perfect medium. Savannah had the quail and really loved it. We told her that we’d have to get her a shot gun and hunting license when we get home so that she can have them on a regular basis. (They are in our back yard all the time, and there is also a hunting range nearby.) For dessert the waiter has a bowl of fresh berries every night for me. Sean ordered an apple pie and when he only at the vanilla ice cream off the top complaining that the tart was too “apple-ee”,(whatever that means?) the waiter showed up with a bowl of plain vanilla ice cream in about two seconds. The wine stewards get kudos for going the extra mile last night two. I had seen Madeira on the Cellar Master menu, but not on the after dinner drink menu. When I asked about it, the wine steward went up to the Cellar Master bar and returned with a bottle and a glass for me to have a single glass of the sweet wine.

After the dinner was the first production show “Ghost Light”, a Broadway review. I thought the singing and dancing were first rate and right on target for what a cruise show should be. We look forward to the future shows in the Solstice Theater.