A follow-up on the Celebrity Alcohol Policy

I have finally gotten an express clarification of the alcohol policy. It seems that they will be updating their policy to allow for wines to be brought onboard with a $25 corkage fee in the dining room. I am not pleased with the increased corkage fee, but at least they are now going to permit this activity without double speak.

Mr. and Mrs. Klasen,

Thank you for your correspondence which you sent to Mr. Fain on October 15th. He had forwarded it to me and asked that I respond to your concerns.

Celebrity prides itself in having expert Sommeliers and Cellar Masters who search the globe for the finest wines at the best value for our guests. However, we do recognize that on occasion, people like yourself, may choose to bring a bottle or two from their private collection to enjoy during the cruise. For those guests that do, if they choose to take the wine to the dining room for consumption, a $25 corkage fee will be charged.

I have shared your feedback with regard to the current verbiage of our alcohol policy with the appropriate departments and have suggested that it needs to be clarified.

Enjoy your cruises on the Mercury; we look forward to having you back. If you have any further questions (or you can suggest a great Pinot Noir for me), please do not hesitate to call.


Jayme B. Porkolab
Director, Customer Relations
305-982-2902 Office
305-539-4060 FAX