Cruise Liners Introduce a New Type of Entertainment

June 06, 2007 – Houston, TX (PressMediaWire) — Each year many vacationers surf the net, watch travel shows, scan newspapers and magazines looking for that ‘unique’ type of vacation, one that will be memorable for a lifetime, filled with fun and enjoyment for their families.

Cruising is definitely one of the most popular types of vacations – but cruising with celebrities! – Now that is unique! This year, for the first time ever, cruise liners such as Carnival, Norwegian and Holland Americas have added something very unusual to selected sailings; a full cast of professional celebrity ‘impersonators’ will be performing “Murder Mystery’s” onboard.

The “Murder Mystery” entertainment industry has always been a smash hit with corporate events, theater and restaurants nationwide—but celebrity impersonators performing these shows—well that’s just plain different! Cruises that include these shows start sailing later this year, so if you are looking for something completely new and different, you may want to consider booking in advance.

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